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What Happened to the Fun in Software Development?

Do you find yourself wishing you’d never started a change? Do you ever dread having to go back to some code you wrote years ago? Feel trapped by the legacy software around you?

We are not machines. There are deadlines everywhere and we are confronted by terrible decisions that someone else or yourself made earlier which is making a change now impossible.

What happened to the fun in software development?

Likewise when we need to test it, package it, deploy it. Did it always have to be so hard? Or did we get a kick out of it once?

Software delivery doesn’t need to be a struggle, however despite the addition of new tools and techniques, maybe sometimes because of them, it becomes tedious. Where’s the fun gone? How can we get it back?

That is what I’ve been thinking about – in fact I’ve realised it’s my mission – to bring the fun back to software delivery. Today I wrote a manifesto all about restoring the joy of delivering software.

Can we bring the fun back or did it never leave? Let me know what you think.