I help finance directors get off Excel. On a mission to end the drama and expense of "big bang" transformation projects

Work With Me

First of all please check out the free resources including my newsletter and the podcast and the free 6-day email course Know Your Systems.

I’m available on twitter and on LinkedIn.

If you’d like to spend some time to talk to me about the challenges you’re facing with your IT language, strategy or digital transformation then you can always book an introductory call with me.

Systems Discovery Session €500

This is a 60 minute, 1-to-1 online meeting.

This is intended to provide you with a blueprint for understanding where you systems and your organisation is now – and as a starting point to building your digital strategy. You will need to have some knowledge of your systems and your organisation and is therefore aimed at senior business leaders with a reasonable overview of both. I will live-draw the systems diagram and annotate it along with you and share this after the session.

You can book directly.