Work With Me

If you’d like to spend some time to talk to me about the challenges you’re facing with your organisation then you can always book an introductory call.

Additionally I offer the following products which are available for you to book immediately.

All prices are shown excluding VAT.

Tech and Teams Discovery Session €800

This is a 60 minute, 1-to-1 online meeting.

This is intended to provide you with a blueprint for understanding where your organisation is now – and as a starting point to building your vision. I will need some knowledge of your systems and your organisation and is therefore aimed at senior business leaders with a reasonable overview of both. I will live-draw your teams and tech diagram and annotate it along with you and share this after the session.

You can book directly.

Vision Discovery Workshop €7.5k

Two-day online workshop featuring including interviews and group work with up to five people from your organisation. This entails:

  • Overview of Teams
  • Discovery sessions of all relevant IT and systems landscape
  • Creation of “As-Is” picture of your business systems including departmental overview and usual interactions with systems
  • Creation of a relative timeline of systems acquisition to date
  • Identification of existing strengths, limitations and weaknesses in systems
  • Discussion about organisational effectiveness regarding your systems and processes

Following the workshop you’ll receive the “As-Is” picture annotated as per discussions and additional notes along with a written report with overview of current systems landscape followed by SWOT analysis in terms of process but also opportunity in the market. Also a short recommendation outlining a plan to take your systems forward in the short term (6 months to 1 year timeline).

Please get in touch to book this option.

Tech Strategy Review from €20k

Complete review of your systems, current contracts, engagements, service level agreements. In combination with discovery sessions, creation of “As-Is” and “To-Be” pictures for your systems landscape in collaboration with your technical and business leadership.

Please get in touch to book this option.