About Me

My name is Richard Bown.

I’m a software engineering consultant with over 25 years experience building, integrating and integrating enterprise software, from trading and billing systems to datawarehouses to reporting solutions, to mobile, to cloud and microservices.

Richard Bown

I help you scale DevOps ensuring that you cover regulatory, security and integration of open source. I ensure that you create and communicate the right vision, get the right insights through KPIs and OKRs and tooling integration, clean up your toolchain and ensure that your backlogs make sense and are aligned.

Services I provide include:

* Understanding your “As Is” picture for product, organisation and ambition

* Relating process and technology directly to business goals

* Help you build and communicate a vision for both your product and your tech

* Ensuring you have the right insights and KPIs, OKRs, SLOs

* Getting the right (DevOps) tooling for CI/CD and Service Management

* Ensuring you’re baking-in regulatory, compliance and audit process

* Improving on-boarding and off-boarding

* Improving measurement and showing the difference

I write, every day, about software development, product, testing, deployment, infra, change management and tooling as well as researching and writing a regular podcast.

I can help your company achieve more speed and clarity with your DevOps setup. Let’s schedule a call so we can discuss.