• Thoughtworks: Displacing Legacy Systems

    Thoughtworks: Displacing Legacy Systems

    I was at a presentation this week hosted by some local consultancies and supported by four major vendors in the cloud and serverless space. The target audience was the bigger Dutch companies including banks and insurers in the Netherlands. There were a lot of slick salespeople there, many suits and the predominant smell was of …

  • How to Feel Good About Yourself

    How to Feel Good About Yourself

    The human brain likes to be rewarded. We get a glow from improvement. The good news is that the tools that we have around us are already here to help. The problem I find is that many of our metrics – the DORA metrics for example – are actually just management tools for trying to …

  • Test-Driven Development as a Design Tool

    Test-Driven Development as a Design Tool

    Did you ever think that test-driven development (TDD) couldn’t be for you because you’re a developer and you want to write code? Me too. After reading the book and practising TDD for a short while you will discover that it’s not about the tests, it’s about the design. A better name for TDD could be …