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We Are Developers World Congress 2023

We Are Developers World Congress 2023 Richard Bown

Hi, many thanks for attending my talk – I hope you enjoyed it!

You can download the slides here.

Stay in touch

If you would like to stay in touch, you can find me on:



Or reach out here.


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Some of the links I referred to in the talk.

The Agile Manifesto

The Five Ideals from the Unicorn Project

And my article on this topic.

John Romero’s 10 Programming Principles

It’s worth watching John Romero’s whole talk for lots of insights into how programmers think and work together from an undoubted master of his craft.

Also here you can find my original blog article about this piece.

In short form:

QUEST: How to Build Great Software

My original blog post which inspired this talk.

Kent Beck’s Presentation about Refactoring and Cost of Upfront Design

It’s a great talk and worth watching. Because it exposes the social 

Barbara Liskov’s Substitution Principle

Conway’s Law

The wiki entry about Conway’s Law and a short article thanking Mr Conway.

Team Topologies

If you care about how software is built in the wider organization – it’s worth reading Team Topologies.

You can also now read Martin Fowler’s opinion about Team Topologies.