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Improve Your Software Practice

People create software, not tools, not even AI tools yet.

Good software practice and software craftsmanship begin with simple techniques that lead to better, more effective and more supportable code. Good design practice, good architecture and good testing methodologies.

Considering how tools are deployed and integrated into your development pipeline helps to avoid them becoming “process traps” where time and effort (and enthusiasm) is lost.

Proper planning and alignment between tool deployment and use, can help significantly.

I help you identify the bottlenecks in your development practice:

I use my QUEST framework to help us focus on the right areas:

  • Quality (is everyone’s responsibility and is the most important)
  • Unrestricted (freedom to do what you want to do)
  • End-User (everything we build is for the customer)
  • Simplicity (architecture, design and code)
  • Team (collaboration at its heart – mindful development, pair programming, mob programming)

Rather than relying on processes or tools, let’s ensure that the whole organisation understands that when it comes to building software, all bets are off, you’ve made a fundamental commitment to making great software, together.