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Deliver Better Software, Faster

I’m Richard Bown, a software engineering and IT professional with over 25 years of experience. I’ve worked for dozens of global companies including investment, commercial and retail banks, insurance companies, telecoms, retailers, manufacturers, and smaller companies specialising in accountancy products, IoT, mobile and web.

I help you build better software faster. I do this by working with individuals and teams to tackle constraints in their processes. I’m a practitioner of IT organisational change who enables the faster flow of software development work by applying industry best practices.

When you hire me, you get a partner. You don’t get a consultant who plays for time to increase their fees. You don’t get a single view of your situation. You get ideas, and I work alongside you to prioritise and provide solutions to your problems.

Richard Bown | Independent Software Consultant
Richard Bown
Leading Software Delivery

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