A Manifesto for Rediscovering the Joy of Software Delivery

Building, running and supporting software products is a laborious and complicated process for many individuals and many software companies. It’s hard to make and deploy changes, it’s difficult to support users while wanting to forge ahead with new ideas and products.

I want to make delivering software fun again. I want to make it a more pleasant, more efficient and less-stressful experience. Everyone in a software company should realise that building and delivering software is a difficult and fundamentally human thing. Despite all of our technology and tooling, we should always respect that.

Existing techniques of project management apply rules and guidelines to our default way of “getting things done”.

Code has always been written, built, tested and deployed and changes made incrementally. Our current patterns of agile, lean and DevOps are not new. The underlying principles of incremental building, automated testing and even delivery have always existed. This philosophy has remained unchanged for forty or more years.

All of the techniques and tools (worth 100s of billions of dollars annually in licensing and consultancy) apply these ancient principles in not necessarily compatible ways. Most of the tools duplicate or replicate each other. Many software businesses buy these tools believing that they will solve their software delivery problems. They believe it will make delivery less error-prone, less stressful, more secure and more reliable.

People-centric Software Delivery

People create software, not tools.

Let’s ensure everyone gets the support and the credit they deserve. Let’s make sure that everyone enjoys building and supporting these unbelievably complex and abstract constructions.

Let’s bring that joy and energy back into building incredible products.