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Do You Have CTO Problems?

Do you have CTO Problems?

Yesterday I threw a few questions out there about defining the type of technology leader that you are. While you might not have the title CTO, you’re undoubtedly a leader in the technology space. So how do those questions shape your work? Do you have CTO problems? As the most senior technical person in your …

A Manifesto for Better Software Delivery

Podcast: A Manifesto for Better Software Delivery

I recorded a rant yesterday based on this article. TL;DR – DevOps tools are killing Software Delivery Slightly longer summary: Many large, traditional companies now have software development departments with 1000s or 10,000s of developers The business fundamentally doesn’t understand software development and are actually a bit fearful of IT Many of these companies will …

Is It Time For A New Challenge?

Is It Time For A New Challenge?

I’m lucky enough to be enrolled in the last ever cohort of Seth Godin’s Marketing Seminar. Seth regular encourages his students to “keep leading” and I really love this approach. We’re all leading, all the time. Whether we think it or not, every decision we make, no matter how mundane, is something that someone else …