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Podcast: A Manifesto for Better Software Delivery

I recorded a rant yesterday based on this article.

TL;DR – DevOps tools are killing Software Delivery

Slightly longer summary:

  • Many large, traditional companies now have software development departments with 1000s or 10,000s of developers
  • The business fundamentally doesn’t understand software development and are actually a bit fearful of IT
  • Many of these companies will do Agile and DevOps transformations by the numbers i.e. they buy a bunch of consultancy and tools and hope it all gels
  • There is a disconnect between the creative and iterative process of software engineering and established project management capability (i.e. Agile doesn’t make sense, and delivery is slow)
  • Tools provide speed in the short term but make things worse long term. The tools compete for our attention and trap us into incompatible ways of working.
  • Solution? Understand and support software development activities as their own endeavour. Get the tools out of the way.

Listen to the full episode now here.