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My work builds on the excellent work of others, and I wouldn’t be able to practice what I do without regularly referring, learning and connecting the thoughts and ideas of brilliant engineers and authors who have come before.

DDD, Refactoring and Legacy Code
The Unicorn Project by Gene Kim
Kent Beck: Test Driven Development By Example
Modern Software Engineering by Dave Farley
Domain Driven Design Tackling Complexity in the Heart of Software
Accelerate - Nicole Fosgren, Jez Humble, Gene Kim

Software Engineering Must-Haves

Product Positioning and Design

Business Strategy

Newsletter and Email Courses

My weekly newsletter provides ideas, curated links and articles for engineering leaders looking to improve all aspects of their software product delivery. Every week I send out an update of what I’ve been working on this week and what’s hot.

Lovin’ Legacy Podcast and YouTube Channel

My Lovin’ Legacy podcast is where I discuss the challenges and opportunities of working with software systems in the real world. You can also watch at the Lovin’ Legacy youtube channel.

Lovin' Legacy Podcast with Richard Bown

Don’t Forget the Blog

I write regularly on subjects related to software delivery. You can find the blog archive here and if you sign up to the newsletter you’ll receive a summary of the latest blog articles every week.