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Let’s get to it! First of all, I curate a booklist of Organisational, DevOps, CI/CD and Software Product Design titles.


Software Engineering Must-Haves

Product Positioning and Design

Business Strategy

Newsletter and Email Courses

In my weekly newsletter, I talk about subjects that are relevant for those who are looking to improve all aspects of their software product delivery. If you’re too busy to get strategic, then this is the place for you to receive regular reminders about what’s going on in software delivery, systems and theory.

Lovin’ Legacy Podcast and YouTube Channel

Join me at the Lovin’ Legacy podcast where we discuss the challenges and opportunities of working with legacy software.

Lovin' Legacy Podcast with Richard Bown

The podcast and some movies about coding, scripting and systems can be found over at the Lovin’ Legacy youtube channel.

Free PDFs

I have produced a compilation of some of the articles I’ve written this year, and you can download that for free. I’ve called it a Systems Approach to Software Product Delivery.

Learn how to have more effective tech conversations with my free Guide to Digital Language.

Before you can automate your systems, you need to understand your business better. To do that you can use my free template 7 Questions to Getting Started with Automation.

Some Highlights from the Blog