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Learn how to manage systems and how to master them. Here you’ll find resources on digital language, strategy, planning, culture and visualisation for risk management and digital transformation in I.T. and information systems.

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My weekly newsletter gives advice and tips to professionals who may be experts in their field but feel that their daily systems could use some improvement. I give you strategies both for your organisation and for you personally to follow to improve the experience you have with your systems.

Secondly, my Know Your Systems course is a FREE 6-day sequence of emails designed to help you truly get to understand the systems in your organisation and take control of them.

Finally also please join me every week on the Automation for the Nation podcast. I discuss the democratisation of systems and automation – making a level playing field for everyone who uses systems. New episode comes out every Friday.

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Learn how to have more effective tech conversations and be a more active member of projects with my free Guide to Digital Language.

Before you automate, you need to understand your business better. To do that you can use my free template 7 Questions to Getting Started with Automation.

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