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Sounds interesting? Then check out some of my blog articles for a flavour of the kind of things I talk about. You can also see some of my most popular posts below for a taste and be sure to check out the full archive.

  • Why Developer Productivity is the Wrong Question
    “I can see why measuring productivity is so seductive. If we could do it we could assess software much more easily and objectively than we can now. But false measures only make things worse. This is … Read more
  • How To Build a Successful Platform Team
    In an ideal world, there would be no technical debt. No legacy. We could build whatever we like and then throw it away when we are done with it. You may have read books about clean … Read more
  • Azure DevOps YAML pipelines: The land of confusion
    Coming from the open-source world, you’re probably used to GitHub actions and being able to set up your pipelines quickly. No drama. Nice and simple. Simple projects, simple solutions. If you’re in the corporate world and … Read more
  • When You Are Doing Devops
    As any software engineer knows, naming is often the most challenging thing we do. I’ve struggled with naming things over the last twenty months. Here are some highlights. In January 2022, I wrote “Automation for the … Read more
  • Avoiding Toxicity: How to Manage Cognitive Load
    Less than a year ago, I read Team Topologies for the first time. I was immediately struck by how it aligned with my experiences of how software engineering organizations become successful. For me, Team Topologies gives … Read more

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