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Knowing When To Push: The History of DevOps and DevOpsDays

Where did DevOps and then DevOpsDays come from? And how are they related?

Like so much in the last 20 years of software development practice, DevOps was born of need. However, the need wasn’t even immediately obvious even to its creators as the following excerpt from this source explains:

In 2008, at the Agile Conference in Toronto, Andrew Schafer posted an offer to moderate an ad hoc “Birds of a Feather” meeting to discuss the topic of “Agile Infrastructure.” Only one person showed up to discuss the topic: Patrick Debois. Their discussions and sharing of ideas with others advanced the concept of “agile systems administration.” In that same year, Debois and Shafer formed an Agile Systems Administrator group on Google, with limited success.

So the idea began in 2008 with a discussion, but only started to spread in 2009 with the advent of the first DevOpsDays event held in Belgium.

The rest is history. But to get to the core of the mission of DevOps – you need to understand the structure of a devopsdays event. Collaboration is the key. While there are sponsors and presentations – they take a back seat compared to the crowd-driven open spaces where the hottest topics are discussed.

Last week we talked about Kubernetes: is it a good thing? What to do when you retire from software, What to you need to get to the next level as a developer, TDD, plus loads of other topics.

If you could do the same in your company, what would you talk about? And what’s stopping you?