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How to Commit like Keith and Mick

I went to see the Stones last night. Yes the Rolling Stones.

They were very good but the real show was on our side of the stage. The average age had to be 50+. When a bunch of older people get excited and stay up too late, things happen.

There were many paramedics on standby. And is it turned out, they were there for good reason as by the end I counted at least three ambulances karting people off to get their hearts checked.

I can’t help feeling there is a little irony in the Stones, these fit, wiry, energetic septuagenarians throwing themselves around on stage for two hours while the audience over indulges to the point of hospital visits.

By the time the show was over and the drunken melee had started to disperse, it made me consider one thing.


Firstly, the foresight to know that the average age is going to be high, that people will overindulge, that there will be a need for a certain number of paramedics per person.

Secondly, Mick and Keith and Ronnie don’t get to run about on stage for two hours every night, in their 60th year of touring without having a routine.

So when I look at my little routine and the tools I have to make it work – I think yes, I need a tool, but I also need the discipline to be able to commit to my schedule.

Another useful tool I’ve used this week is Miro.

I love Miro. It’s useful for moving ideas around on a virtual whiteboard. The big picture is important to give you that roadmap. Breaking it down into chunks gives you a structure, which then enables you to commit to the work.

I like this approach as I can treat my work as if someone else is planning it for me. And that trick helps me commit to doing the hard work.

Just like Mick and Keith.