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Do You Have Hidden Delivery Debt?

We hear a lot about technical debt in our products – the software we build and deploy – but what about the debt in our delivery platforms?

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • Your Operations people need to use a lot of manual processes to fix issues.
  • You manual processes never get scripted by Operations or Development because of a lack of time or skills.
  • Your CI tests are regularly red but you have no time to fix them until release time. Sometimes you ignore failing tests.
  • Release times are getting further and further apart.
  • There’s no-one around who knows how to support the scripts you already rely on.
  • You’ve not put all of your scripts in git yet.
  • You’d love to just stop for a while so you can get things fixed, but that time never seems to appear.

Have you ever thought much that is costing you on every release? Perhaps you’ve got hidden delivery debt?

Let me know.