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Did You Spend The Weekend Fixing Bugs?

If so, what will you and your team be doing today?

What will you do next week to ensure you’re in better shape before next weekend hits?

Here’s a list of things you can try:

  • What’s your unit test coverage? Is it above 50%? If not, you could do worse than spend some time adding unit tests. Make sure your unit test covers the smallest possible unit.
  • Take the time to do a complete Root Cause Analysis (RCA) for every production outage, and ensure that this results in change requests or bugs going on your backlog.
  • Shake up the schedules – see if you can free up time for your teams (remove standing meetings) and use that time to align them around stability issues.
  • Provide focus time and space but do it with purpose. What are you going to aim to refactor this week? Can you refactor? What’s the biggest pain you can fix?
  • Plan something fun to do in the future as a thank you. You could start by just asking what people might like to do.
  • Above all, don’t treat this week just like a normal week.

Let me know your tips for ensuring outages don’t lead to burnout and bad feelings.