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Simplify Your DevOps Tools

How Many Power Adapters Do You Need?
Your Current DevOps Toolchain

Got github and gitlab and Azure Devops and TeamCity and Jira?

Is this making you and your teams confused?

What’s stopping you from going all-in on one of these options? Is it inertia? Is it the teams saying that they have to have their own specific tool? Is it cost or inconvenience?

The reality is that this is not only making life difficult for your organisation, but it’s also costing you all time in terms of context switching, in terms of reporting and money in terms of multiple licences.

How do people think of their tools?

  • As a developer, I realise how hard it is to move tools but I acknowledge that I want to use as few as possible.
  • As a tools administrator or build engineer or DevOps, I know how inconvenient it is to administer multiple tools.
  • As a project manager, I want clarity plus I know how simple it is to make a migration happen.
  • As an engineering leader, I want visibility on I know how much bandwidth this frees up in a team and an organisation in terms of headspace and availability.
  • As a CTO I want to show that we’re getting value for money.

What’s the right fit? What’s the right size?

If you need help making that decision as well as planning and implementation, then reach out. From software development best-practice, tooling, CI/CD and DevOps: I can help.