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Towards an Evidence-Based Software Practice

There are so many books on every aspect of computer science, algorithms, software development practice, DevOps, software delivery, organisational structure and now platform engineering. Surely we have all the books that we will ever need?

I just wrote down my book list – some I’ve read, some I’m reading right now (take a bow Team Topologies) and some to come for the future.

What they paint is a really enticing picture of software development in the 21st century. More open, obvious and inclusive than ever and more tending to reference case studies and other works. When you have read enough of them, the patterns, the connected thinking and the value of them really start to stand out.

There is a common language forming which gives everyone – junior, senior, architect, engineering leader – real opportunities to leverage this knowledge as opinion free or at least almost objective arguments to the way something should be done.

There is an evidence-based practice emerging through all of this excellent work. What is your favourite book and what does that bring to this picture?