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Why does Kubernetes even exist?

Such a good thread on the existence of Kubernetes and when you should think about using it. The first takeaway is – most of the time you don’t need it. Quoting:

Two decades ago, modern clouds didn’t exist (AWS started in 2006), but deploying web applications still required access to servers!

You either racked them yourself or rented them from a colocation facility, but either way, they were slow to procure and painful to manage!

The tooling to manage large fleets of servers and applications simply didn’t exist, so you would often hire a team of system administrators, who would end up rolling their own tooling in the form of Bash or PowerShell scripts!

For the rest – see the great thread and also watch Sid’s brilliant video explaining it.

Also I need to correct my own version of history – AWS didn’t actually start with public cloud until 2006 – which is what we commonly call Amazon Web Services nowadays. While there was Web Services from 2002 it wasn’t in the form we know it now.