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When You’re Too Busy Too Think About The Future

Do you ever feel like there’s no time to stop to make things better?

Even when things are going great, do you ever consider how much better they could be? And what the alternative is?

For a second, put yourselves in the shoes of someone who needs to hire developers right now. It’s incredibly competitive. Very hard to find good people, very hard to get them to work for you and then, more importantly, to keep them.

I spoke to a Director of DevOps this week and he’s got a problem. He’s got a lot of good people already, and a real talent for finding and onboarding more, and yet no time to spend on running his strategy.

He knows what he wants to achieve, but he’s not got the time to ensure that everyone who is working for him keeps their head up, and looks forward.

He’s smart enough to know that if he doesn’t build and communicate a strategy, they will get bored and he’s going to lose those people he fought so hard to get.

He is thinking one step ahead.

Building a strategy, building a vision, has a side effect of making goal-setting super simple. It gives them a reason to stay.

If you want to hire and retain the best, make the time to also consider and communicate what the future actually looks like.