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The Office: Dare to be Different

Sometimes you have to just sit back and quote something that’s important. Seth Godin nails it today like he’s nailed it countless times before:

From Seth’s blog today:

If a manager says, “the only way I can create connections, loyalty and a sense of purpose is to force people to shlep to an office every day,” they’re being lazy. Surely we can come up with something better than simply taking attendance.

In my last engagement I came into the office about once a week – when it was open. While I was there I mainly spent my time listening to people thoughtlessly taking calls at their desks, eating noisily and continuously, coughing, spluttering and carrying on. The one recurring thought I had was “I bet they don’t behave this way at home. Their wives/partners/etc wouldn’t allow it”.

The office has become a place for timid people to stamp their fading authority.

Read Seth’s article. Think about it. Dare to be different.