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Test-Driven Development as a Design Tool

Did you ever think that test-driven development (TDD) couldn’t be for you because you’re a developer and you want to write code? Me too.

After reading the book and practising TDD for a short while you will discover that it’s not about the tests, it’s about the design. A better name for TDD could be Design through Testing.

Better than that, it’s a tool which makes you think completely about design before even writing a single line of actual code.

Think about TDD as a trick to getting yourself to do design the right way. I think of it like the Reverse Conway Manoeuvre but for Goldratt’s Theory of Constraints. Rather than working out what the constraints are for your systems, you’re actually designing the constraints for your system and doing it by specifying the acceptance criteria in tests.

Not convinced? Listen to the Software Delivery Club podcast where I recorded an episode called The Power of TDD. Have a listen let me know what you think.