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Is This The End Of Photoshopping?

When you’re building a software product it’s easy to get caught up in the mechanics of making something work and making something successful.

So what about the opportunities that we see around us?

On the weekend I finally tied out a AI bot for generating art. You’ve probably found it hard to miss the exploits of DALL-E, and while I’m on the waitlist, I was able to get direct access to midjourney. If you’ve not tried it, you should. It’ll take your breath away.

For example, I made a couple of batches of green tomato chutney on the weekend and wanted to get a label for the jars. I asked midjourney to generate one:

Green Tomato Chutney early Sept ’22” written by hobbits featuring elven imagery ad designed to appeal to warlocks and witches

These four images were generated in under a minute just from my rather difficult brief.

It’s pretty clear from this demo that AIs like DALL-E and midjourney probably spell the end for ‘traditional’ photoshop-based graphic artists, album cover and poster designers. In fact, designers of all types will need to learn to use these tools effectively to enhance their offerings or be effectively outpaced by the tech.

It’s the same for your software product. If you’re not looking at the options that AI can give you then you’re undoubtedly missing an opportunity. How much attention you pay it though, that is something for you to decide. There is an opportunity cost but it might be one that is too important to ignore.

Here’s the design I went with.