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Engineering vs Product Management

The engineer has a mindset which leaps on solutions.

Because of the way that we are wired, our solution-orientation makes us sometimes harder to approach and more easily distracted by shiny things which to others might seem disconnected or unimportant.

Sometimes the leaps we make in our minds as engineers can help our business. In fast moving firms and startups, where it is nimble enough to pivot, the product can follow the technology.

Most businesses move slowly, because staying on message is important for any business. Consistent messaging driven through marketing, makes it easier for the customer to understand, trust and eventually buy from the business.

Once business has some traction, the ability for it to change becomes a potential risk to existing revenue.

As a leader, with your engineers hat on, when you push through your digital change project, how will it directly benefit your current customer?

Ask yourself if the cost of change will deliver direct benefit or if you’re just making busywork? Then ask yourself how could that change provide benefit?

Suddenly you’re thinking with a product manager’s hat on.

The wonderful illustration An engineering state of mind by @bryanMMathers is licensed under CC-BY-ND