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Between Product and Engineering

In this episode we explore the way that technology, tools and architecture can affect the product that you are building. As engineers do we need to think more about product side? As product marketers what can we do to understand how the technology choice informs or limits our product possibilities? How do we deliver software in an open source project vs how do we deliver software in a corporate banking environment? What are the constraints that we need to be aware of in our decisions and how the customer need informs that. How we need to enjoy what we’re building – and make sure that we continue to enjoy building it as an individual, a team or as a company.

Getting your Evenings and Weekends Back

The same rules apply whether you’re a startup, a scale-up, a corporate, an individual, an open source project contributor. You’re part of your own support problem.

This time I discuss what it’s like to be a coder who wants to have it all – the good times and the bad times – but wants to limit the bad times to working hours only. I hope you enjoy it as much as I made recording it.

Welcome to Software Delivery Club – The Reboot

Every week, we explore different aspects of the business of delivering software into production. Talking to industry experts about how they get to keep their production software running, whether you build or buy, how they cope with new features and product changes, how they keep their customers satisfied while also keeping themselves and their engineers happy, what tools like they like and which ones they don’t as well as tales from the front line when it comes to delivering and supporting production grade software.