Your Schedule is Yours

The gift of time. Is there anything more precious other than perhaps love?

If you are lucky enough to manage your own time then make sure you own it.

If you don’t – others will plunder it and make it theirs.


I’ve been doing daily writing for the last 30 days. Hooray. So what’s the problem?

Distraction is the problem. Not distraction from the act of writing at all – that is fun. It’s distraction about the topic to write about – and if your subject is time management tools you can get into a loop trying them out and thinking about what you’re doing. Does this then become a meta problem?

Another example is the time thief. The person in your company who wants you to come to their meetings, read their emails, listen to their presentations and adds no value to your life but perhaps some to theirs. How do you handle that?

Tooling is one way but whether you use OneNote, Evernote, Notion or Outlook or Google Calendars – it’s the way you use the tool that’s important – not the tool itself. The tool is just a tool and it will try and get you to fit into its workflow. If you don’t want to attend meetings with then don’t.

One other recommendation I’ve had is RescueTime.

This sits on your computer and lets you know what you’ve been doing for the day. I really like idea as I’m very easily distracted. When I’m focussed, it’s all good, but focus is the thing I need and crave.

I received a nice personal note from the founder when I signed up to it – it’s things like these that help us to not only recover our time but make us feel in control of our time.

Try to get meta – try to get out of your box – and remember the tool is only useful if it’s helping you.

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