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You Work Hard: It’s Time to Enjoy Your Weekend

Over the last week I’ve been exploring the themes surrounding what can go wrong and what can go right when trying to please your customers with your software product.

Focus on the CI/CD pipeline (Is Your CI Doing Valuable Work?), the backlog (How To Know When Your Backlog Sucks), how your team is set up to respond to change (Some People Like To Fight Fires), technology choice (Do You Have To Use Innovative Technology?), whether or not your product is created by committee (Is Your SaaS Product a Compromise?).

These articles will shortly form the core of an email course that I’ll be offering new and existing readers.

I’m thinking of calling it perhaps one of the following:

“How To Build The Software That Customers Want”

“How To Fix Your Software Delivery Process in 5 Days”

“Getting Software To Those That Want It”

However, I’d love your help both with the title and if you think there’s something else (or more important) that could be covered.

Let me know!

Next week I’m going to be focussing on roles within the product and software engineering space. Until then, enjoy your weekend!