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What Kind of a Business are You?

A while back I had the great idea of writing a web app that would do easy and secure video and PDF embedding for websites. I even got so far as getting a prototype working based on AWS cloudfront, mediaconvert and a React app. You login, upload your video or PDF and get a secure link back which is embeddable in your website.

While it’s potentially useful, there are quite a few ways you can do this with other commercial solutions and they’re not necessarily expensive (vimeo for example). So while it was an interesting problem to play around with, commercially probably not a starter while support-wise a potentially headache.

Before you commit significant resources to a development project, ask yourself, what kind of a business am I? Am I a business that would benefit from investing in the development of a bespoke system, or can I buy off the shelf?

Most tools are business enablers, not commercial opportunities. Focus on your core business and let the tools you buy and implement help you.