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What Happens When an Incident is Declared?

The principle of having a process in place is all well and good until you actually need to use it.

This week I got COVID, so you might have noticed a drop-off in the frequency of communications. My July plan has been until now 1) get up at 6:30 and do a workout and 2) write my daily email. This week I’m mainly sleeping, coughing and sweating.

While I recover, I’ve started to catch up with some podcasts and particularly like this discussion between Corey Quinn and on the Screaming in the Cloud podcast. sounds really interesting. An opinionated incident management process handling service for taking the ‘process’ load off your people when using Slack.

It’s not often you get SOC2 and ITIL name-checked in a podcast. If you are involved in incident management, or worried about the need for incident management, and need a way to implement it in your company, I suggest checking out the podcast and learning more.

Also interesting is that positions itself as both a partner for scale-ups (who need to quickly graft on incident management “as a Service”) and more established, regulated players who are looking for solutions that offer them real benefit when having to set up incident response.