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Welcome to Software Delivery Club

For the last few weeks I’ve been looking to better focus the newsletter and the podcast around a more specific subject.

When I started out in January, I had the ambition to bring systems thinking, structured delivery and software engineering best-practice to anyone who wants it.

I thought I cared deeply about systems and processes. However, business leaders, engineering leaders and software engineers want results. All of them want to make sure that their projects work and are successful. Automation through systems, implementation of processes and good planning are just some of the tools we use.

So, while I loved the idea of making automation accessible to all, the true magic we’re looking for is at the intersection of software development practice, product and pragmatism. Above all, it’s about creating and delivering effective software systems which are a delight for the user.

Put in another way, it’s all about software delivery. The way software is built, tested, deployed and made available for our users.

Consequently I’ve decided to rename the podcast and the newsletter to match.

Welcome to the Software Delivery Club.

Every day, every week, I talk about what it takes to deliver brilliant software solutions to your customers – whether they be internal or external – whether you see your product as a business cost centre or a profit centre.

Software Delivery Club is about build, test, infrastructure, automation, tooling, observability, feedback, planning, product, organisation.

I hope you continue to enjoy the content and that, going forwards, this makes it clearer to you what you’re getting from me. As always I would love your feedback so hit me up!