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Transformation For Your Schedule

Looking back to the start of the week, how did you get on with the challenge of transforming your schedule?

One of the benefits of having a schedule is that it should confront you.

There are things that you need to do, you’ve committed to. If you find yourself avoiding them, postponing them or dreading them then that’s a pretty good sign that you’re not looking forward to those things.

Taking my agenda as an example. I was dreading recording a podcast – I felt I had nothing to say. So this week I’ve researched a lot of other podcasts and realised what I was missing. Direction, message, clarity.

It wasn’t the recording or the writing, it was the “Where Is This Going?” feeling.

So, a few days and a lot of research later I’m back on track and better than that, I have a plan. I no longer dread that “agenda moment”.

If you’ve found something this week that you think is holding you back, spend some time considering how you can do it differently. Even if it’s holding a meeting in a different way, planning it better, moving it to face-to-face rather than online, taking yourself into a new space, learning something different, listening rather than speaking.

Don’t overthink it. Put yourself in somebody else’s shoes. And enjoy your weekend.