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The Carbon Almanac

I’ve been following the launch of the Carbon Almanac. A book, compiled and edited by Seth Godin and a global team. It’s all about climate change and what we can do right now to understand and react to the climate crisis. It launched last week and is already a bestseller. I have my copy. I urge you to get yours!

As part of the launch, Seth talked to Jane Goodall about her amazing work over so many decades, including her work with Roots and Shoots. Since 1991, Roots and Shoots has been teaching children all around the world to think and act globally.

What I particularly love about Roots and Shoots are the promises that the children make. To do three things every day:

  • Help a person
  • Help an animal
  • Help the environment

Simple steps. If we remember to make simple steps every day, then the world becomes a better place.

You make a choice every day.

As Seth says, “keep leading”.