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Learn to speak like a digital native

  • Have you ever wondered what the IT people are talking about?
  • Do you sometimes feel that you can’t always explain what your IT problem is?
  • Are you confident that you’re talking to the right person?
  • Do you want to feel empowered in project meetings and be able to work effectively with operations people as well as developers?
  • Do you want to actively contribute and make a success of IT projects and transformations in your business?
  • Confused by Agile?


  • Do you want to be able to save time and effort in your job by understanding the systems and processes which underpins an IT department?
  • Have you ever felt mystified when leaving an IT a project meeting?
  • Do you know what digital transformation means or does it just sound like a waste of time?

Any of these questions sound familiar?

You are not alone!

We all get pushback from techies, from project managers, from developers, from vendors. We all get mystified by the jargon.

pushback (v) – I can’t do this because either don’t understand what you mean or you’ve not convinced me we should do it.

Even as a former developer I would (and still get) quizzical looks from other developers or techies or project managers.

However using a few simple tips and tricks (and a little hard work) we can get better results from our interactions with more technical staff.

The reason we can’t make ourselves understood is usually because of two things. Not bringing enough information with us and the language we use.

If we don’t bring enough information, they will ask questions which perhaps we don’t understand. If we can’t specify what is wrong (in appropriate language) then they can’t easily work out what they need to do.

Techies can, and will, explain technical things to non-technical people but it’s not a natural skill and sometimes the language gets in the way. Often a lack of comprehension (which is indicated by a lack of questions or interest) means that the they will not engage with our requests or it will be deemed too difficult.

If you don’t speak the same language then they will not spend time trying to fix your problems. There is no fault here – it’s just a communication problem!

So how can we fix this?

Take action!

Get a head start with my free guide to digital language. I hope you find it useful!

You can view it and download it below for free!

Want more where that came from? Please check out my other free resources. Enjoy!