Software Delivery Club Pod: Putting the Product back in the MVP

When was the last time you did a Minimal Viable Product that was actually minimal? How often do we get it right and truly focus on delivering something of value to the customer?

On this week’s podcast, I riff on the idea of how to get a true MVP, not only past the idea stage, but into production no matter what type of company you are. By looking at the constraints that we have in play at any one time, we can determine before we get started with an MVP how it might be rolled out.

We also touch on the importance of marketing for your MVP and/or product – and ensuring that you have a customer base that wants it before you get there. How you can even use your compliance journey to road-test your idea.

Join me for this discussion and, as always, let me know your thoughts about what’s gone wrong and what’s gone right with your MVP!

You can listen to this episode here.

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