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SE Radio Podcast: The Differences between DevOps vs SRE

An interesting discussion between Ganesh Datta, CTO and cofounder of Cortex, and SE Radio’s Priyanka Raghavan. They discuss site reliability engineering (SRE) vs DevOps. They also examine the similarities and differences and how to use the two approaches together to build better software.

This is fascinating because it talks from the perspective of building your DevOps pipelines from the ground up. What tools are you going to use? How are you going to integrate with them? How do you see the roadmap of these tools and for whom are they useful?

It also highlights the frustration that can creep in with both DevOps and SRE teams, firstly in terms of what tools are how they are deployed and used and secondly in terms of who does what i.e. SREs might not be able to fix things, while DevOps can.

Also a lot a talking about SLIs, SLOs and SLAs (Service Level Indicators and Service Level Objectives and Service Level Agreements).

Lots to get out of it. You can listen to the episode here.