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Reverse Engineering as a Service

Reverse Engineering

Do you have a working software product, but perhaps you’ve forgotten what the original intention was behind it? Or you’ve lost some key personnel, and don’t know how to best support it anymore? Perhaps you want to extend or bin your application, but you’re not sure which way to go?

Understanding how you got where you are now is crucial to enable you to build confidently on top of your existing product.

Perhaps you need to provide audit proof for compliance purposes or need to extend the lifecycle of an existing application. Wouldn’t it be great if you could regain control of your application and take it forward?

My Reverse Engineering service may be just what you need. I provide a service that will enable you to gain more control over the future of your product while fully understanding its past.

What’s Included?

Depending on the size of the application or product you want reverse engineering, you’ll get the “keys to the kingdom” back in terms of:

  • Full examination and reporting of source code and technologies used in the solution.
  • Gap analysis to identify any holes or missing pieces in source control or where versions are not current according to what’s running in production.
  • Architecture overview for the application
  • Recommendations for improving source control and supportability of the applications
  • Recommendations for the future-proofing of the technology

Additional services include:

  • Analysis of build pipelines and packaging procedure
  • Release management and deployment processes

Who am I?

As a consultant, I’ve reverse-engineered the architecture of some of the world’s most complex, high-frequency software systems. I’ve written tools (both bespoke and as products) that provide insights into, not just the code, but also the infrastructure and surrounding ephemera of software systems, databases, and messaging protocols. I have over 25 years of professional experience in application and infrastructure development, from desktop to server, to mobile to IoT development across Linux, Windows and Mac.

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