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QUEST Practice Coaching

QUEST Practice Coaching

Wouldn’t you love to turn your software development team into the team of software development experts in your organization?

That means:

  • Delivering high-quality code to your customer and ensuring good supportability and maintainability.
  • Making the best design and architecture choices for the longer-term vision of your software product.
  • Avoiding and paying down technical debt regularly as part of all processes.
  • Being able to deliver continuous value to customers through everyday work.
  • Being a robust partner to other elements of the business that takes and gives advice freely and without compromise.

In short, do you want your team to become the expert team in the organization? A team that leads the way?

This is the aim of my QUEST Practice Coaching workshops.

Working with your team, we practice software engineering skills alongside the necessary people skills that make a difference your customers will notice. How does this work?

  • Workshops are provided remotely and can include up to one team (max: 8 participants) from your organisation.
  • Participants are guided through development tasks like working on new features, change requests, refactoring, writing and automating tests and improving your software delivery pipeline.
  • We look at regular programming tasks and participants can work in pairs or groups (“ensemble or mob programming”) as required.
  • Participants work on ways of providing feedback to each other, working effectively with Product Owners and other teams.
  • We help understand both team and individual boundaries. Explore what developers could and should say yes and no to and how comfortable the team is with various daily tasks.

The sessions aim to improve the ability of the team to think and act for itself and to deliver higher-quality software to customers more frequently.

Sessions start from a half-day session priced at 950EUR (excl VAT/BTW). Please enquire for more details and to book.