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Planning, Selection and Installation

When you’re renovating your bathroom, you have three main activities. The planning part, the selection part and the installation.


  1. Measuring Space
  2. Imagining Layout
  3. Researching Components
  4. Drawing Plan Design
  5. Making Sure Everything Fits and Is Usable

You need to make the most of your space. If you live in the Netherlands, as I do, you typically won’t have much space for a bathroom so you need to plan carefully.


The fun bit is the choosing your bathroom elements, shower pan, toilet, sinks, taps, tiles, lighting, cabinets, flooring, accessories. Here you can go to town or go as cheap as you like.


Hire a contractor, find a builder, or do it yourself?

The planning gets you the bathroom you want to work for you. The selection gets you the look and feel. The installation makes it happen.

Here’s the thing – all bathrooms, no matter what the specification, need the same amount of planning time devoted to them to get them working right. The selection will determine your component costs and is fully within your control. The installation will cost you the same regardless of the layout and materials you selected.

If you want to save on costs then you need to plan and install it yourself. If you’re going to do that, you’d better know what you’re doing but the cost savings can be significant.

It’s exactly the same with your business systems. Selection is the easy bit. Planning and installation (or the execution) are the parts you’ve got to learn.