Digital Confidence and Perfect Projects

Starting soon I’ll be launching two programs for improving IT skills within your organisation.

Digital Confidence is my program which will ensure that you have all the skills you need to effectively work with the IT functions in your organisation. Including:

  • How to talk digital language
  • Understand how IT is organised from a people perspective
  • Learn how to get things done – how to get your problems fixed and your voice heard
  • How to be an effective member of an IT project team
  • How to become self-sufficient in IT skills

Perfect Projects is my program dedicated to teaching you how to get the best from your digital partners. Whether they be website designers, coders, marketers, graphic artists, hosting providers, vendors, digital suppliers – from small to large.

Learn how to take better control of your projects, take better control of your business and get to a feeling of mastery without having to learn it all, and do it all for yourself.

In the course you’ll learn how to:

  • Get comfortable with your level of technical ability and be able to express this clearly
  • Identify the important system components of any modern digital business
  • Understand project roles and responsibilities
  • Learn how to navigate the jargon and be confident in working with suppliers
  • Understand when it does, and when it doesn’t make sense to outsource
  • Learn to ask the right questions for potential partners

You’ll also take part in exercises that will enrich your understanding of your own business and come up with a program of work for you to take with confidence into the future.

Learning digital strategy for your business with Perfect Projects.

I can’t wait to start teaching both of these courses! If you would like to stay informed of when they will be launching then please feel free to subscribe below.