Project Management

Paul McCartney Doesn’t Need Operational Risk Management

Paul McCartney is 80. Happy Birthday, Paul.

Because he’s a legend, we forgive Paul when he occasionally forgets the words. He’s the best and he has a lots of lyrics to remember. When someone forgets the words or gets the tune wrong at the karaoke, we forgive them because that’s part of the fun.

When we’ve paid money to see a new band for the first time and they can’t play, then we want our money back.

When you hire someone to build and integrate your new Website, CRM and Finance system, how forgiving are you going to be when they forget to do stuff?

And how do you know that they’re doing stuff right?

That’s Operational Risk Management.

When you go to see a new band, you’re taking a risk. With Paul, you know he’s got your back.

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