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Is Your SaaS Product a Compromise?

You may have heard about B2B (Business to Business) and B2C (Business to Consumer) marketing. But what does this mean for your software product? And can you be both? And is being both a good idea for our marketing mix or is it a good idea for our customer?

The appealing thing about B2B selling is that your customers will be loyal and they will usually pay on time and they don’t like to change their systems too often. It’s expensive and difficult to change how an organisation works.

B2C selling is fickle. You may have income from lots of customers one month, but then they can all leave you the next.

When you’re designing, building and delivering a SaaS is it enough to ‘pick one’ and hope, or do you have to cater to both markets?

How you do your product delivery goes hand in hand with your marketing approach. Your marketing approach depends on your positioning. The more your company grows, the more of a challenge you will face balancing the lure of B2C against the steady income of B2B where there might be less friction.

So ask yourself – what do you want your product to be? What is your mission?