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Is It Time For A New Challenge?

I’m lucky enough to be enrolled in the last ever cohort of Seth Godin’s Marketing Seminar. Seth regular encourages his students to “keep leading” and I really love this approach.

We’re all leading, all the time. Whether we think it or not, every decision we make, no matter how mundane, is something that someone else will find interesting in some way:

“Hmm, they did this and are successful at what they do. Perhaps I should copy this behaviour?”

So the question that’s been bothering me since I started my journey with this list in February is, “What Can I Do To Help You?”

With Seth’s help, I think I’ve finally found a promise to make to you.

I will turn great techies into great leaders, building better, more inclusive and happier organisations that create fantastic products that customers will love.

The newsletter will stay the same format, but you’ll see more posts about leadership, managing and running business strategy to deliver great software. Also I will start to offer more content focussed on leadership and strategy including my Exploiting Legacy Bootcamp.

I’m excited about this, but I need to hear if you are. So, is the message clear? Do you know what to expect? Are you happy about this?

More than that, are you up for the challenge?

Hit reply and let me know if this pushes your buttons. If not, perhaps we’ve come to the end of our road. It’s decision time. Let me know! I’ll be waiting on your reply.