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How Does Legacy Affect Your Portfolio?

When you have customers, you have responsibility.

From the moment you take on that commitment you are bound by a promise that you made to them.

This should be reflected in black and white in your terms and conditions. Additionally, this will be almost a feeling that you have towards your product and your customers. Like any feeling, this can change over time as you modify your strategy.

So, when you want to change your product significantly, or innovate, how do you deal with your existing customers and manage their expectations? Will this change the way you feel about your relationship with them? Can you keep your legacy customers happy while also getting them excited them about the future direction of your company?

These are all topics that I’m exploring my new free email course the “Exploiting Legacy Bootcamp”. Over five days you’ll learn what legacy means and how you can make the most of it with your limited resources and time.

This course is aimed to help product managers and CTOs who are struggling to find enough bandwidth in the development and operations teams for new product work or features. It also applies to anyone who needs to balance existing product requirements with new user needs, having only limited resources.

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