Embrace Legacy Bootcamp

Supporting Legacy Bootcamp

Have you ever wanted to push through a change or start working on a new product but your Development team is busy with bugs and Operations are stretched too thin?

Have you ever wondered why things are moving so slowly when you have customers beating down the door demanding improvements and new features?

You probably have a legacy problem.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could not only recognise this faster but swiftly categorise it and turn legacy into your advantage?

Make the most of your legacy estate

This is a free email course all about understanding and exploiting your legacy products. You’ll learn to recognise legacy software faster and how to exploit it to your advantage.

Probable course content:

  • Lesson 1: Are You Building New Things To Avoid Legacy Problems?
  • Lesson 2: Does Fixing Legacy Mean I’m Not innovating?
  • Lesson 3: Defining a Product Strategy
  • Lesson 4: Blending The Technology – Components, Microservices, Platforming
  • Lesson 5: Investing In Skills and Techniques

Who is it for?

This course is aimed to help engineering leaders who are struggling to find enough bandwidth and enthusiasm in the development and operations teams for new product work or features. Also for anyone who needs to balance existing product requirements with new user needs, having only limited resources.

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