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Doing the Minimal Viable Product

Much is made of the MVP – the Minimal Viable Product – but so rarely is it executed in a meaningful and valuable way.

So how do you achieve that?

Take an idea, form it quickly and work closely with a developer, a designer and a marketer to realise it as soon as possible. Sounds simple enough but how hard this is in reality will depends on your circumstances. If you are independent and non-corporate then there are zero barriers to entry, so good luck and stay focussed.

If you have rules in the workplace about infrastructure, about coding standards, about security baselining, then you’re going to struggle to make your product as minimal as you’d like. But perhaps your environment has thought about that and you can used a paved road.

Whatever path is open to you, your MVP won’t deliver unless it has users. So along with speed you must ensure you make some noise.

Create a landing page for your app – describe what it’s going to do. Get some users signed up to a mailing list.

The point of an MVP is prove that there is a need for something. To realise it you need technology, product design and product marketing.

The commitment of users wanting to use your MVP will drive you forward. Don’t leave the marketing to last.