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DevOps Detox

Are you drowning in pipelines, tools and approaches? Do you want to make your build, config and delivery process smoother and more effective but struggle to find a good fit with your teams and organization? Is software quality a problem? Are release cycles slow?

Perhaps my DevOps Detox is for you.

I provide an analysis of your current DevOps including teams setup and advise on the areas that are holding you back.

This includes advice on:

  • Tooling landscape and setup (Azure DevOps, Github (actions), Gitlab, Artifactory, Sonarqube, XRay etc)
  • Pipeline types, speeds and deliverables
  • Naming conventions
  • Build responsibility and standards
  • Coding standards
  • Test automation planning and execution including management of flaky tests.
  • Team setup and responsibility

Get advice on the areas which are causing you the most pain, without having to resort to polling for everyone’s opinion ๐Ÿ™‚