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Dear IT Director

Dear IT Director, I couldn’t do what you do.

You are in a million meetings a day. Everyone is pinging you the whole time with their problems. There is always something distracting you from your work. There are things that you need your attention and somehow you keep your finger on the pulse.

You have to work late into the evening to find the time.

You thrive in chaos and you convince yourself that you are making progress.

Some people are made for this. Some people like to be front and centre when there’s things to be done and decisions to be made.

But at the same time don’t you worry that you can’t find the time to do the things that you should be doing?

Perhaps you could learn to delegate better? But do you really want to delegate the parts you actually enjoy?

You think that perhaps an external consultant can help you understand your needs?

You think that what you need is a trusted partner, when what you really need is a vacation and some perspective.

And then you realise that what you really need is a better way of working.

Or perhaps you already worked this out?