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Customer-Centric Software Delivery

I define software delivery as the act of putting usable software in front of a customer.

Timescales for software delivery should decrease due to DevOps, automation and tooling, and also because of Lean and Agile approaches to product and project management. This should mean that ‘software product delivery’ process is continuous. Acting on user feedback and reacting to changing requirements could happen within a few hours.

So why do we often fail to achieve this?

Organisations often have engineering and product (or business) as two separate functions. This only serves to slow down how quickly and how accurately we can deliver customer value. Why? Because decisions across two separate functions take longer than if it’s a single function.

If you want faster and more accurate software delivery, and true customer-centric software delivery – start with the “why”.

To find out more about my approach to helping you find your why, get in touch.