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Customer-Centric Engineering

I’ve been publishing daily now for over two months and in that time I have only missed one day – when I was super sick due to COVID-19.

This newsletter has already been transformed from one mainly about general implementation of business systems and automation to one much more focussed on software development and delivery and how organisations, teams and individuals can optimise themselves to create customer delight. This aligns much more closely with my expertise and interests and I hope you’re finding this useful.

I will continue to focus on software delivery best practice, but I start to see a lot of the content I’m producing also being along the lines of modern product management too. Delivery of value to customers is the most important thing you can do as a software engineer. All the tools, techniques and architectures that you can read about, dream about or implement are simply ways of expressing that desire.

While tools, techniques and architectures are certainly important, and need to be understood and addressed, you can debate these until the cows come home. I will review and refer to tools, techniques and architectures that the modern software engineer uses every day – but plenty of other experts have opinions far more expressive than mine. For me this is duplication of effort and that I find that wasteful.

What is not wasted, ever, is understanding better what customers want and making that happen. I call this customer-centric engineering.

I will show how you can put the customer at the centre of your engineering life and still use all the tools, techniques and architectures that you love.

I really hope you’re enjoying what you’re reading. I’m looking forward to recording and publishing the next episode of the software delivery club podcast very soon.

I would love to hear your feedback on how it’s going so far and what you’d like to hear about next.