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Are you losing key members of staff regularly? Do you find some positions impossible to fill? Do you have backlogs that only get longer?

Do you get frustrated by the lack of apparent progress with tech debt? Do you struggle to deliver new features and are overwhelmed with bugs?

These could be symptoms of an underlying disease at the heart of your software delivery process. It’s not that you’re doing any one thing wrong but perhaps, as a whole, you’re failing to acknowledge the bigger picture.

Can you identify the goal you need to be aiming towards and reorient yourselves towards making it?

Sometimes this takes an outside perspective and the ability to see through the issues which confuse your day-to-day processes.

I offer a consultancy service which provides a whole-systems and whole-company perspective on your software delivery pipeline which you can then use to improve your time-to-market, retention rate and overall software quality.

Interested in finding out more? Feel free to get in touch.